[TUHS] Unix V7 Questions booting and date/time

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Mon Feb 20 10:36:59 AEST 2023

On Sun, Feb 19, 2023 at 7:01 PM KenUnix <ken.unix.guy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Was an upgrade for ethernet TCP/IP for Unix V7 ever
> done when running under SIMH?
Yes, the BSD 2.9/10/11 stream include the UCB Networking stack - it runs
just fine on SIMH. In fact one Oscar's PiDP-11 [which used simh for the
simulator] its one of the systems that is automatically loaded.

> Was an upgrade ever done for Unix V7 when running
> under SIMH to read and set the date/time?
Where would you read the clock? SIMH emulates real HW  - V7 was distributed
for DEC HW through 1979 on the 11 and DEC had nothing.
That said, could you create something sure - I bet you could.  Maybe the
easiest way would be to use a virtual DL/DC/DZ/DH serial port and have V7
read the clock from a 'serial line.' when it boots.  Then set up a process
on the SIMH Host system to source the data that V7 read.

That said, you probably could rewrite what you are starting in your example
to SIMH's expect/send command system to do something for you - but I'd have
to think about it.

FWIW: all those deposit commands should be unnecessary.  Just make sure you
have a proper boot block on the disk, as dmr tells you in the 'setting up
Unix' document in /usr/doc and SIMH can boot from the controllers.
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