[TUHS] Some old DECtapes from Dennis Ritchie

Jonathan Gray jsg at jsg.id.au
Fri Jul 14 02:57:06 AEST 2023

On Tue, Jul 11, 2023 at 10:44:33AM +1000, Warren Toomey via TUHS wrote:
> All, way back when, Dennis sent me some DECtape images to look after. I've
> put some of them in the Unix Archive (the s1 and s2 tapes) as they contained
> Unix source code or binaries. The others I kept aside as they didn't contain
> Unix code, or they were potentially sensitive.
> Anyway, Angelo Papenhoff asked for any old tapes from the Labs that might
> contain fragments of B source code or B binaries. I passed the extra tapes
> on to him, and he has found some very interesting nuggets from the time
> period when B -> NB -> C.
> So, to help provide the context around Angelo's work, I've decided to put
> all the tapes that Dennis gave me here:
> https://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Applications/Dennis_Tapes/
> Cheers, Warren

Thank-you to all involved.

Interesting that this has a version of
"The UNIX Time-Sharing System" paper with timestamps close to the
SOSP presentation.

UnixEditionZero-Threshold_OCR.pdf 1971 draft

Symposium on Operating System Principles, October 15-17 1973
proceedings only have an abstract

dmr_tapes/dmr2/tp/paper/p1 Nov 1973
"about 20 installations have been put into service"
(same number given in fourth edition manual also dated Nov 1973)
"Files are named by sequences of eight or fewer characters"

tuhs/Documentation/Papers/unix_cacm74.pdf July 1974
"about 40 installations have been put into service"
"Files are named by sequences of 14 or fewer characters"

tuhs/Distributions/Research/Dennis_v6/v6doc.tar.gz unix/p1 Jun 1975
"about 100 installations have been put into service"

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