[TUHS] (Amdahl UNIX) "Notes on Au Performance - or How to get the Pb out of Au"

Sebastien F4GRX f4grx at f4grx.net
Thu Jul 20 00:23:27 AEST 2023

Hi again,

this remark actually applies to the other document about unix370 
feasability, oops!

However, That one is also interesting. I read in it at 6.1.4 "Login 
procedure optimization" about "combining (..) (init, getty and login) 
into one [program]". We can see this as the premices for the modern 
systemd :-)


Le 19/07/2023 à 15:50, Sebastien F4GRX a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thank you, this is a very interesting read. I will share this with 
> friends as soon as this is publicly available in the TUHS archives.
> We see premices of the Linux Copy-On-Write forking method!
> I also note that they decided to avoid a global kernel lock.
> Sebastien
> Le 19/07/2023 à 03:08, Tom Lyon a écrit :
>> This is perhaps the first significant document I wrote at Amdahl. 
>> Although undated, I believe this was written in August 1979, after I 
>> had attended a 2 week class at IBM Chicago about VM//370(CP) 
>> internals and performance.
>> The paper makes reference to V7 UNIX being "on order", so this is 
>> when the V6 UNIX system was in use.  IIRC, V7 UNIX was released in 
>> Nov. of 1979.
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cB2eqTwmicj1AQOiULDZjED5Rq-_V4N4/view?usp=sharing 
>> Huge thanks to my friend Karl D. for hanging on to this for 44 years.

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