[TUHS] Offering Free Unbound System V Document Processing Guide (1983)

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Fri Jul 21 09:18:11 AEST 2023

Good day all, I'm emailing to offer a duplicate UNIX document I picked up free of charge to whoever speaks for it first, I'll even cover the shipping. What I've got is a second copy of the Document Processing Guide shipped with the initial System V version, code 341-920, from 1983.

Now for the caveat: I ordered this second copy as it was in much rougher shape than the one I currently have. I intend to chop the spine off so I can get quality scans of the pages rather than having to deal with creasing the hell out of the binding on my other copy (unlike the manuals and some of the other guides, this one is a typical paperback glue binding.) Once I'm done with the scans I'm just going to put all of the pages in a binder (as they're already Bell-style 7-hole punched.) That to say, I'm not ready to ship it right now, just got it today, still need to do the scans.

As for contents, this contains the System V-era versions of the following papers (titles paraphrased):

    - Advanced Editing on UNIX
    - Sed
    - NROFF/TROFF User's Manual
    - TROFF Tutorial
    - Tbl
    - Eqn
    - MM Macros Manual
    - View Graphs and Slide Macros

Anywho, figured I'd see if anyone was interested in this after I'm done with it. Otherwise I'll just see if a library around here is interested.

- Matt G.

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