[TUHS] Posted a video on installing and running v7

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 00:10:58 AEST 2023

Thanks, Marcus.

Glad to hear it works on Slackware too. My first distro was Slackware 
with SLS's X, if I remember correctly. I've installed 15, too, for X 
explorations last year. Very clean.



On 7/23/23 05:15, Marcus Clark wrote:
> Thanks Will, for an interesting video on setting up and using Unix v7 
> in OpenSIMH.
> I usually follow your blog post instructions, which are always clear 
> and accurate, but it was nice to have a video version.
> You mention different systems you have tested it on, and I can confirm 
> it all works fine on Slackware Linux 15.0 and -current with no problems.
> Marcus.
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> Hi All,
> I got some questions recently about getting v7 working, so I fired up 
> OBS to create a video walkthrough of the install process and first 
> steps (it's basically following my v7 note, but hey some folks dig 
> video). The video is totally amateur hour, but it was fun. I never get 
> tired of logging in as dmr, writing hello.c, running cc, running hello 
> and watch the magic of
> hello, world
> appear on "screen".
> As a reminder - the note (and thus, the video) walks the user through 
> installing OpenSIMH (including pdp11), building a tape image, 
> installing to disk from tape, booting off the disk, building and using 
> a DZ-11 as a telnet listener on 16 lines, adding a user, running 
> learn, and piddly stuff like setting baud, delays, and such. Not a lot 
> of hand-holding, but some.
> When I get around to it, I'll probably update the note to add 
> additional test environments (I'm pretty sure it works anywhere 
> OpenSIMH does, but some folks like to see there system or one kinda 
> like it in the list of tested systems). I'm running LMDE5 and Debian 
> 12 Bookworm these days, so I know they work there in addition to 
> pretty much any Linux Mint, MX Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, etc.
> I'm still in awe of Hayle and Ritchie's Setting Up Unix - Seventh 
> Edition as the basis of my note - 44 y.o. and counting... for holding 
> up so well.
> The blog:
> https://decuser.github.io <https://decuser.github.io>
> The blog post:
> https://decuser.github.io/unix/research-unix/v7/videos/2023/07/14/installing-and-using-research-unix-v7-in-open-simh-video.html 
> <https://decuser.github.io/unix/research-unix/v7/videos/2023/07/14/installing-and-using-research-unix-v7-in-open-simh-video.html>
> The note blog post:
> https://decuser.github.io/unix/research-unix/v7/2022/10/28/installing-and-using-research-unix-v7-in-open-simh-pdp-11-45-and-70-emulators-rev-3.1.html 
> <https://decuser.github.io/unix/research-unix/v7/2022/10/28/installing-and-using-research-unix-v7-in-open-simh-pdp-11-45-and-70-emulators-rev-3.1.html>
> Later,
> Will
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