[TUHS] 4.3BSD User Contributed Software Volume?

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Sun Jun 18 05:37:55 AEST 2023

Hello, I've come across something in a bookshelf up at the local university that I have thus far been unsuccessful at locating online.

It's a binder amongst other 4.3BSD binders like the reference manuals and supplementary documents but this one is labeled "User Contributed Software (UCS)".  I can't find any of these in the doc folder of the 4.3BSD copies in the archive nor can I find a scan of the originals.  There is an overview at the start listing the following packages:  B, X, ansi (VAX tape tools), apl, bib, courier, cpm, dipress, dsh, emacs, enet, help, hyper, icon, jove, kermit, mh, mkmf, mmdf, news, notes, npl00, patch, path alias, rcs, rn, spms, sumacc, sunrpc, tac, tools, umodem, and xns.

There are a preponderance of man pages as well as some focused papers for B, SPMS, the Icon programming language, and MMDFII.  I didn't scribble down more notes before heading home because I figured this was something I'd find on page one of an internet search, but thus far have had no luck.  If I don't turn up a digital copy soon I might just have to make another trip up there soon with my flatbed scanner.  In any case I left a note too hoping whoever the curator of that bookshelf is (it was in some club room) might have the scoop on those binders, if they're left over from some long gone 4.3BSD installation in the EE/CS department and if they might have some siblings in other bookshelves nearby.

- Matt G.

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