[TUHS] Software written in B

Sebastien F4GRX f4grx at f4grx.net
Sat Jun 24 01:53:35 AEST 2023

Thanks, I missed that one.

My test driver program is now able to apply this preprocessing before 
running the compiler, but I forgot to implement parsing of global vector 
initializers, so i have to do that before :-)


Le 23/06/2023 à 17:36, Angelo Papenhoff a écrit :
> On 23/06/23, Sebastien F4GRX wrote:
>> Would you mind to share your sed script to preprocess your B B compiler?
>> Thats the only thing missing for me to try compiling it.
> Still same as my original compiler, so e.g.
> https://github.com/aap/b/blob/master/pdp11/preproc.sh
> Only the first few lines are platform dependent.
> aap

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