[TUHS] Trying to date "A Supplemental Document For Awk"

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Thu Jun 29 10:26:04 AEST 2023

I found a copy from 1986 in 
(the file is called :STUFF)
from a tar usenix878889.tar.gz
I didn't check but I assume it is one here

 Path: plus5!wuphys!wucs!we53!ltuxa!cuae2!ihnp4!mhuxn!mhuxr!ulysses!ucbvax!sdcsvax!sdchem!jwp
 From: jwp at sdchem.UUCP (John Pierce)
 Newsgroups: net.sources
 Subject: Awk document
 Message-ID: <238 at sdchema.sdchem.UUCP>
 Date: 18 Jun 86 20:04:32 GMT
 Reply-To: jwp at sdchem.UUCP (John Pierce)
 Organization: Chemistry Dept, UC San Diego
 Lines: 743
 Posted: Wed Jun 18 15:04:32 1986

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