[TUHS] BSD question: Kurt Shoens, or Kurt Schoens?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Wed May 3 07:31:10 AEST 2023


Even in these rusty times (oh what complicated chemical processes
there are!) a question that i hope someone can answer.

In both Spinellis' UNIX history repo as well as the CSRG one (via
robohack/ucb-csrg-bsd.git) one can find two ways of writing Kurt
Shoen's name, and whereas i, who always refer to Mail and its
"usr.bin/mail/def.h" (aac48ec10b56f59b321fb033a36bca2114ef061b):

[ Author:     Kurt Shoens <kas>
  AuthorDate: 1980-10-08 08:53:34 -0800]

  + * Author: Kurt Shoens (UCB) March 25, 1978

one can find the name "Kurt Schoens" as early as 4.2 BSD (curses,
twinkle1), and then in a growing number of files, especially after
1993 when Keith Bostic and then Kirk McKusick did

  admin/admin/contrib/address.list and
  admin/admin/contrib/contrib and

But one can also see the commit

  Author:     Kurt A. Schoens <kas at ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>
  AuthorDate: 1980-10-09 02:48:47 -0800

and that is strange, as i presume all-automatic version control
conversions here?  Schoens .. is a bug?

Thank you.

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