[TUHS] OT: TUHS mails not going to Outlook & Hotmail. Help!

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at lemis.com
Thu May 4 11:35:54 AEST 2023

On Wednesday,  3 May 2023 at 20:33:47 -0400, Jim Capp wrote:
> On Wednesday, May 3, 2023 7:46:51 PM, Warren Toomey wrote:
>> All, e-mails from the TUHS server are not making it to Hotmail or
>> Outlook.  I've not changed anything. Is there anybody with some
>> MTA/ISP experience who might be able to help diagnose the problem?
> I've had this issue before. Problem was resolved for me by setting
> up SPF records in DNS.

That's only part of it.  SPF can be a problem with mailing lists.  For
example, tuhs.org doesn't appear in the SPF record for anteil.com.

There's also DMARC to worry about, but so far I haven't found anything
that satisfies all these Big Businesses.

> In any case, the key to resolution is to inspect the bounce back
> messages.

Many are too polite to tell you the errors of your ways.  From memory,
outlook.com does, but Telstra BigPond doesn't.

Another thing I've been trying is changing the sending MTA from my own
(mail.lemis.com) to my ISP's MTA.  I don't know for sure if it makes
any difference.  My own server gives me the "delivered" messages, but
the ISP server just says "delivered to spam check service" or some

I fear that we oldtimers no longer fit in the Internet of the 2020s,
and to communicate with modern people we'll have to use Gmail or some
such.  O brave new world!

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