[TUHS] Berkeley Font Catalog

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Mon May 15 04:17:03 AEST 2023

Hello, I've just today secured purchase of an original 4BSD manual and papers set and a copy of what I believe is the V6 papers set as well.  Of note amongst the tabs I could read from the pictures of the Berkeley binder was a section of fonts that I don't think I've seen before named the Berkeley Font Catalog.  I did a bit of searching around and didn't find anything matching that on first inspection re: scanned and source-available BSD doc collections.  Anyone got the scoop on this?

Either way, once these arrive in the mail in I'll try and see what the delta might be between these and the current sources in V6 and 4BSD stuff on the archive.  They're from the collection of an emeritus professor on the east coast, and I'm not sure if they represent unmodified docs shipped from Bell and Berkeley or have local modifications. In any case, his son said they'll be going through more material soon and are liable to turn up more UNIX stuff, so I'll keep folks posted if I come into possession of anything else particularly spiffy.

- Matt G.

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