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Really doesn’t look like much, just a bar.    THey had put “HCR FOOBAR” 
on the thing with letraset or something but that all flaked off   over 
the years.

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>No photos? I'd like to see this...
>- Henry
>On October 8, 2023 18:37:43 "Ron Natalie" <ron at ronnatalie.com> wrote:
>>I was digging around my desk looking for something and I came across a 
>>quaint piece of UNIX history.   Many years ago HCR gave away 
>>“foobars.”    They had a gold one, which Rick “Seismo” Adams won and a 
>>silver one that I have in front of me now.   The ounce of silver was 
>>never really worth enough for me to want to cash it in (I think Rick 
>>promptly did so with his ounce of gold).
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