[TUHS] Some BSP Numbers Related to 3B/1A "Attached Processor Interface"

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Tue Sep 12 12:38:50 AEST 2023

Hello, today I've received a 3B/1A "Attached Processor Interface" or "API" (as I will refer to it in this email, note API will not mean Application Programming Interface in my contributions to this discussion) pamphlet, published by WECo in November 1981, concerning installation and maintenance of the API.  From the introductory page:

> This lesson is a self-paced package that can be administered individually or in a classroom environment.  There is a helpful glossary in the back of this booklet that you may use while going through the material.
> At the conclusion of this lesson, the installer will be able to:
> - State the purpose of the API as it applies to the 3B Processor.
> - Identify the different types of circuit packs used in the API.
> - List the number of API diagnostic phases.
> - Name the API circuit pack that interfaces the Dual Serial Channel in the 3B Processor.

Among the many pages (which I'll be doing a formal scan on in the future) are some references to BSPs and schematic drawings relevant to this information, I wanted to get that information out in the email archive now so the bibliographic references are preserved somewhere:

3B Processor:
    254-001-031 - Test Equipment List
    254-301-000 - System Documentation
    254-301-005 - General Description
    254-301-115 - TTY System
    254-301-010 - Central Control
    254-301-020 - Power Systems
    254-301-100 - Input Output Interfaces
    254-301-105 - Input Output Processor
    254-301-110 - Input Output Processor Peripheral Controller
    254-301-200 - Main Store
    254-301-210 - Moving Head Disk Drive
    254-301-215 - Disk File Controller
    254-301-220 - Magnetic Tape System
    254-301-800 - Emergency Action Procedures
    254-301-809 - Acceptance Test Plan
    254-301-811 - Task Oriented Practice-Routine
    254-301-812 - Task Oriented Practice-Trouble Clearing
    254-341-000 - DMERT
    254-341-220 - MTCE Management and Diagnostics

    234-100-020 - APS Description and Theory
    254-201-003 - API Frame Theory
    254-280-114 - APS Software Description
    254-281-030 - API Growth

    234-153-055 - File Store Relocation

3B Schematics:
    SD-4C050-01 - 3B Control Frame, DMA Unit, CC Unit, MASM 0, MASM 1, Power Unit, Cooling Unit, Filter Unit
    SD-4C059-02 - 3B Peripheral Control Frame
    SD-4C052-01 - IOP Basic
    SD-4C049-01 - IOP Growth
    SD-4C051-01 - DFC Unit
    SD-4C056-01 - Disk Inverter Frame
    SD-4C058-01 - Tape Transport Frame
    SD-4C057-01 - Inverter Unit
    SD-4C070-02 - Inverter Control Unit
    SD-4C054-01 - Duct & Cabling
    SD-4C053-01 - Power Distributing, AC Requirements
    SD-4C069-01 - Micro Level Test Set
    SD-4C065-01 - Port Switch

API Schematics:
    SD-5A056-01 - API Frame
    SD-5A055-01 - API Unit

There are then references to a few "Handbooks":

HB 309 - 3B Proc
HB 263(A) - API ITS (Mainly mentions tests and diagnostic stuff)
HB 264(A) - API Generic (Not sure what ITS and Generic distinguish here)

Finally, a bit of fun.  Towards the back of the pamphlet is a small crossword puzzle concerning the API: https://i.imgur.com/0pLcK9p.jpg

Answers to come when I do a scan of this.  If anyone has any particular information they want me to try and find in it sooner rather than later just let me know, it's 88 pages but small form.

- Matt G.

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