[TUHS] The AWK Programming Language, 2nd Ed.: What's new?

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Sat Sep 16 11:20:52 AEST 2023

To the Attention of Warren Toomey (and all who stay in his

I don't care enough to weigh in on any issues that don't
interest me, but I am the most important person in the
world, and whatever I say goes, so you better listen or
you'll be sorry.

It is my very important opinion that only things I want
to hear about should be discussed on this mailing list.
I want to hear about Unix and awk, but not about perl.
No one must talk about any shell except Ken's original.
The sun scares me, forcing me to hack all night and sleep
all day (never mind the malicious stories that I press
wild flowers); therefore there must never be any mention
of Sun Microsystems or Solaris.  I am also worried that
a comet will fall on my house and damage my Twinkie
stockpile, so no discussion of the VAX-11/750 is allowed,
nor of work done by the Bell Labs Computing Science
Research Center during the 1980s when much of their
work was done on systems of that model, which were even
named (ewwwww!!!) after comets.

Any mention of non-nerd-approved(TM) subjects is also
forbidden, including Agricola, ferrets, mimes (which are
even scarier than comets!), Lions (and Tigers and Bears),
lurgi, csv files, and gannets (they wet their nests).
Not to mention Bazonka.

I hereby direct the moderators of this list, who must
obey my every command, to terminate with extreme prejudice
anyone who dares even to think of violating these rules.

Viva la revolution!

Yeliz Gardinovich Bimmler (Mrs)
Port Morton, Alabama, CUS

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