[TUHS] Anyone ever heard of teaching a case study of Initial Unix?

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On 7/3/24 11:45 AM, Clem Cole wrote:

> So, the place where a case study for SW projects (using books like Mythical 
> Man Month) would be helpful is an in-software engineering course.Writing an 
> HSB style case for something like UNIX, or Tenex or maybe Oracle; 
> particularly to compared to something like Brook's book would be 
> fascinating to read, I'm not sure Lion's text qualifies. 

TENEX is a fascinating story.[1] An internal BBN project with a hardware
component, written by maybe half a dozen people.[2] It spread around the
country to research institutions kind of like Unix. DEC liked it so much
it bought TENEX and hired Dan Murphy away from BBN to turn it into

[1] https://opost.com/tenex/tenex72.txt
[2] https://walden-family.com/bbn/10-SYS/
[3] https://opost.com/tenex/hbook.html

CWRU was a big DEC-20/TOPS-20 shop, and TOPS-20 was the first OS I used
when I started working for the computing center as a student (which evolved
into where I work today). I loved TOPS-20.

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