looking for: dos file commands for Sun internal floppy

Gene Saunders saunders at gesundheit.West.Sun.COM
Sun Feb 17 06:12:53 AEST 1991

This really isn't the proper newsgroup for this, but ...

In article <1991Feb16.064344.18023 at johnny5.uucp> garvey at johnny5.uucp (Joe Garvey) writes:
>I just found out that the SPARCstation internal has a DOS compatible
>driver... but none of the DOS file manipulation commands. :-(
>Any one got:    mkdir, copy, rename, erase, rmdir

	You already have them; use the C shell and enter this in your .cshrc:

	alias	md	mkdir
	alias	chdir	cd
	alias	rename	mv
	alias	ren	mv
	alias	erase	rm -i
	alias	rd	rmdir

	and for good measure:

	alias	cls	clear
	alias	ver	uname -sr
	alias	type	cat

	okay, okay .. you get the idea.
>for the SparcStation floppy.
>I know I could buy a commercial DOS emulator, and thereby get these commands,
>but, I'm cheap, and don't want to run DOS, just read & write the floppies.

	SunOS 4.1.1 includes a new filesystem type: pcfs.
	Toss your DOS floppy into the drive and then "cd /pcfs" (assuming
	/pcfs has been mounted as shown in the /etc/fstab file).
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