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Fri Feb 22 11:28:29 AEST 1991

In article <1420 at west.West.Sun.COM> saunders at gesundheit.West.Sun.COM (Gene Saunders) writes:
>This really isn't the proper newsgroup for this, but ...
>In article <1991Feb16.064344.18023 at johnny5.uucp> garvey at johnny5.uucp (Joe Garvey) writes:
>>I just found out that the SPARCstation internal has a DOS compatible
>>driver... but none of the DOS file manipulation commands. :-(
>>Any one got:    mkdir, copy, rename, erase, rmdir
>	You already have them; use the C shell and enter this in your .cshrc:
>	alias	md	mkdir
>	okay, okay .. you get the idea.
>>for the SparcStation floppy.
>>I know I could buy a commercial DOS emulator, and thereby get these commands,
>>but, I'm cheap, and don't want to run DOS, just read & write the floppies.
>	SunOS 4.1.1 includes a new filesystem type: pcfs.
>	Toss your DOS floppy into the drive and then "cd /pcfs" (assuming
>	/pcfs has been mounted as shown in the /etc/fstab file).

I don't use the /pcfs filesystem on my SPARCstation, because it just isn't
cost effective.  You have to insert the disk, then "mount /pcfs" (as root),
then cd, ls, cat, whatever, then cd elsewhere, then "umount /pcfs", before
ejecting the disk!  Worse, ls doesn't even work right!  I get things like:

sundww<19> ls
amtax90.zip   boot11.arc    mppdemo3.exe  qwikansi.arc  zansi-12.arc
ansi-esc.doc  coned221.zip  nansi30.zip   unzip401.zip  zipper13.zip
ansi.arc      elvis         optboot.zip   useansi.arc
sundww<20> ls -l
boot11.arc not found
coned221.zip not found
ansi-esc.doc not found
ansi.arc not found
nansi30.zip not found
qwikansi.arc not found
useansi.arc not found
zansi-12.arc not found
mppdemo3.exe not found
elvis not found
unzip401.zip not found
zipper13.zip not found
optboot.zip not found
amtax90.zip not found
total 0

How much easier to just use "mtools": mdir, mcopy, etc.! Viz.:

sundww<41> mdir

Trying /dev/rfd0c ... ok
 Volume in drive has no label
  Directory for /

  BOOT11   ARC    47949    1-08-91   8:38a
  CONED221 ZIP    45970    1-08-91   8:38a
  ANSI-ESC DOC     4351    1-08-91   8:38a
  ANSI     ARC    25059    1-08-91   8:38a
  NANSI30  ZIP    14379    1-08-91   8:38a
  QWIKANSI ARC    10310    1-08-91   8:38a
  USEANSI  ARC     7686    1-08-91   8:38a
  ZANSI-12 ARC    28933    1-08-91   8:38a
  MPPDEMO3 EXE   343994    1-22-91  11:12a
  ELVIS         <DIR>      1-09-91   9:50a
  UNZIP401 ZIP    70441    1-09-91  10:16a
  ZIPPER13 ZIP    13153    1-09-91  10:16a
  OPTBOOT  ZIP     9848    1-09-91  10:22a
  AMTAX90  ZIP   133221    1-18-91   4:36p
	14 File(s)     159232 bytes free

Anyway, if you want the sources to these indispensible tools,
check out comp.sources.unix Volume 11 (around Oct 87) or
comp.sources.misc Volume 11, issues 81-83 (around Apr 90).

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