symbolic links

Dan Lanciani ddl at tardis.UUCP
Thu Aug 23 14:53:18 AEST 1984

	The problem with the symlink(2) call is that its entry in sysent.c
is within an '#ifdef UCB_NET'.  The local syscall returns [EINVAL] when
it gets a request for an index greater than the maximum valid local syscall.
	As far as I can tell, the #ifdef in question is totally unnecessary
as the unused entries have already been defined as nosys.  (It may be that
someone wanted to save a little table space?)  At any rate, I have removed
it and symlinks work fine for both normal and networking kernels.
	There is a bug in fsck which causes the blocks allocated to
symlinks to be returned to the free-list when a disk is checked.  This
can be fixed by REMOVING the #ifdef's associated with SPECIAL file types
and symlinks, i.e., symlinks are not special.

					Dan Lanciani
					ddl at tardis
					ddl%tardis at harvard.ARPA

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