Any one using symbolic links under 2.9?

Charles LaBrec crl at pur-phy.UUCP
Fri Aug 24 16:30:51 AEST 1984

Yes, we have an 11/24 running 2.9 with UCB_SYMLINKS defined, and it
works, but a few comments:

1) ln must be recompiled (and check to see if whoami.h or localopts.h
	is included, so as to get the above define. (same for ls, rm, 
	to name a few)

2) fsck must be fixed--there is a #define for SPECIAL (I think, it's
	been a while and I don't currently have access to the source).
	It is a big conditional and LNK is one of them.  Well, this
	makes fsck think a symlink takes no blocks, so it misses the
	block allocated to the symlink.

3) Just remembered, ls does not initialize the structure member l_linkto
	(I think) to NULL from malloc, so sometimes an ls -l prints some
	garbage as the linked-to field of a non-symlink.

Charles LaBrec
UUCP:		pur-ee!Physics:crl, purdue!Physics:crl
INTERNET:	crl @ pur-phy.UUCP

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