This is an early TCP/IP Unix system written at BBN. It was not the first TCP/IP Unix; that was one done at BBN in MACRO-11, based on a TCP done in MACRO-11 by Jim Mathis at SRI for the TIU (Terminal Interface Unit).

This networking code is divided into three main groups. First there is code for the kernel, which includes IPC enhancements to Unix, including Rand ports, as well as further extensions to that done at BBN for the earlier TCP - the capac() and await() calls. It also includes a IMP interface driver (the code only interfaced to the ARPANET at this point in time). Next, TCP is implemented as a daemon which ran as a single process which handled all the connections. Finally, other programs implement applications; TELNET is the only one provided at this point in time.

A modest amount of documentation is available in the 'doc' directory; included are the original NROFF source to the two Rand publications about ports, and several BBN reports.

The original port code was written by Steven Zucker at Rand; the extensions done at BBN were by Jack Haverty. The TCP was mostly written by Mike Wingfield, apparently with some assistance by Jon Dreyer. Dan Franklin apparently wrote the TELNET.

For more information about this system, see:
- "Interprocess Communication Extensions for the UNIX Operating System: I - Design Considerations", Rand Corporation, Report R-2064/1-AF, June 1977.
- "Interprocess Communication Extensions for the UNIX Operating System: II - Implementation", Rand Corporation, Report R-2064/2-PR, April 1977.
- "UNIX TCP User's Guide", Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., Report No. 3724

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