Compiling 2.11 - also 2.9BSD

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sat Dec 2 15:41:04 AEST 1995

In atricle by Steven M. Schultz:
> 	Kernels are a special case of overlaid program (user mode programs
> 	may be overlaid too but have less restrictive size rules).  The
> 	BASE segment (non-overlaid portion)  may be up to 56kb (57344) bytes
> 	in size.  Each of the 15 (maximum) overlays (OV1 thru OV15) may be
> 	up to 8kb (8192) bytes.

Firstly, thanks to Steven for a great email. Yes, add it to the docs NOW
before you forget! Secondly, most of what Steven said also applies to
2.9BSD, because it also uses overlays. However, v6 and v7 do not use
overlays, so you can't use these techniques with them.


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