Building 2.11BSD...Huzzah!

Danny R. Brown sysyphus at
Mon Dec 4 10:28:57 AEST 1995

1. That little doc you sent out, Steven, made my day.
2. I got your note on the updates. Thanks again.
3. BSD2.11 is now running fine with a modified kernel. At this point
   it is my pleasure to give you this Bug Report (or, what do I do now?)

a: The Netnix burps at link time. It says:
        ............. long list of modules...uipc_ustteq.o d.netnix.o

It continues to build, but does issue a stop 1 (ignored) message.
At boot time netnix generates a bad magick number and fails to
load. I made the minimum number of modifications to the SYSYTEM
file to install the net.

Questions: Where do I look for the abovementioned symbols?
           Do I have to run Netnix to go multi-user?
Unrelated questions: Will a DZV-11 (four line mux) work in place
of DZ-11? In my experience the Unibus and Q-Buss versions of this
board are 100% software compatible, but I'm failing to get a second
terminal going...

Now, the Real Doozie...
I have, to date, been unable to make any of the Games work. The message
is always "<name> not found". I tried worm, backgammon, wump, fortune,
others from the games directory. Binary dumps show what looks like valid
data in these files.
Spooky, huh?
The Saga Continues...

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