Building 2.11BSD...Huzzah!

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Mon Dec 4 16:01:18 AEST 1995

Hi -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at>
> 1. That little doc you sent out, Steven, made my day.
> 2. I got your note on the updates. Thanks again.

	You're welcome.

> a: The Netnix burps at link time. It says:
>         ............. long list of modules...uipc_ustteq.o d.netnix.o
> Undefined:
> _arpresolve
> _arpwhohas
> _arpinput

	I wager you forgot to select the 'NETHER' option in your kernel
	config file.  Setting NETHER to 1 brings in the ARP modules.

> It continues to build, but does issue a stop 1 (ignored) message.

	Hmmm, - the 'netbind' process gives an error about
	undefined symbols.  It sounds like that was ignored.
	That's the signal not to run the kernel.

> At boot time netnix generates a bad magick number and fails to
> load. I made the minimum number of modifications to the SYSYTEM

	That's because the netnix image was not successfully loaded - the
	linker left the header set to something other than a valid a.out

> Questions: Where do I look for the abovementioned symbols?
>            Do I have to run Netnix to go multi-user?

	In your kernel config file make sure that 'NETHER' is set to 1.

	You could go multi user but you'd likely see a number of errors
	as programs try to use sockets to communicate.

	Best to have a valid kernel+netnix image set before going multiuser.

> Unrelated questions: Will a DZV-11 (four line mux) work in place
> of DZ-11? In my experience the Unibus and Q-Buss versions of this

	It should.  Just don't try to use ports 4,5,6, or 7 that a DZ-11\
	would have.

> I have, to date, been unable to make any of the Games work. The message
> is always "<name> not found". I tried worm, backgammon, wump, fortune,

	sigh.  Did you put /usr/games into your search path?  The games
	are not in /usr/bin or /usr/ucb with the system programs.  Try putting
	/usr/games in your PATH (or simply typing /usr/games/robots).

	Good Luck.


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