Undefined Inconsistency

Danny R. Brown sysyphus at crl.com
Thu Dec 7 11:31:36 AEST 1995

  When I do a "reboot" the system declares that /dev/ra0f has an
undefined inconsistency (during fsck). It tells me to run fsck
manually, then aborts before starting the daemons.
I have dchecked, ichecked and fscked /dev/ra0f, and it seems to
be a happy partition.
ra0f starts on an even cylinder boundary. It has one file which
occupies some 54% of the space on it.
reboot -f brings everything up normally.

reboot worked at least twice without finding any faults prior to
this boo-boo. Looking through the man pages did not point me in
any yet untried direction. I did encounter a 'bad block' on /dev/ra0d,
the /usr partition, while doing a make clean in usr/src/sys, but this
turned out to be bogus, and did not involve ra0f. Coincidence or ?

All hints appreciated...

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