Undefined Inconsistency

Steven M. Schultz sms at wlv.iipo.gtegsc.com
Thu Dec 7 13:47:48 AEST 1995

Howdy -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at crl.com>
>   When I do a "reboot" the system declares that /dev/ra0f has an
> undefined inconsistency (during fsck). It tells me to run fsck
> manually, then aborts before starting the daemons.

	What aborts?  If by 'abort' you mean that the process of the system
	coming up ceases and you get dropped into a single user shell then
	that's exactly what should happen.

> I have dchecked, ichecked and fscked /dev/ra0f, and it seems to
> be a happy partition.

	Ok - at that point if a manual "fsck /dev/rra0f" (and you should be
	using the raw (rra) form of the device) works, then all you need to
	do is hit a ^D and the system will finish coming up to a multi user

	Hmmm - I think we'll need some more information before hazarding a
	guess as to what's not working right.  The contents of /etc/fstab
	and the current disklabel would be good starting points.

> ra0f starts on an even cylinder boundary. It has one file which
> occupies some 54% of the space on it.
> reboot -f brings everything up normally.

	Well, yes, it will - by bypassing all filesystem checks.  Usually
	that'll work ok - but it's not something to do after a crash or
	a power failure.

> this boo-boo. Looking through the man pages did not point me in
> any yet untried direction. I did encounter a 'bad block' on /dev/ra0d,

	Hmmm - a bad block?  Shouldn't be related to anything in ra0f unless
	you've accidentally created overlapping partitions.  If that were
	the case though I'd expect massive and widespread corruption.

	What was the error when the bad block was encountered?  If this is
	an MSCP disk you'll need to find the MicroPDP-11 Formatter and
	see if it will revector the bad sector for you (BSD MSCP drivers
	can not do this - probably just as well because I've heard it's
	fiendishly difficult and if you get it wrong you've hosed your

	Steven Schultz
	sms at wlv.iipo.gtegsc.com

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