Fsck tips

Warren Toomey wkt at dolphin.cs.adfa.oz.au
Thu Dec 7 14:07:59 AEST 1995

In atricle by Steven M. Schultz:
> > I have dchecked, ichecked and fscked /dev/ra0f, and it seems to
> > be a happy partition.
> 	Ok - at that point if a manual "fsck /dev/rra0f" (and you should be
> 	using the raw (rra) form of the device) works, then all you need to
> 	do is hit a ^D and the system will finish coming up to a multi user
> 	state.

Apropos fsck'ing, always work on a raw device. Only fsck on an unmounted
partition, or a quiescent one (no disk activity, this means single-user mode
and sync BEFORE doing the fsck). If fsck finds an error, DONT sync the system
before shutting down; sync will flush out anything still in the cache, possibly
overwriting the changes fsck made to the disk.

Someone had to point this out to me a few years ago, I kept doing
sync sync sync reboot after fsck reported errors. Deary me!

Cheers all,

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