Another PDP Unix program

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Nov 9 15:02:51 AEST 1995

	Firstly, this old unix mailing list is damn quiet - I'm the only one
talking. If you have any questions, ideas etc., mail them to
oldunix at

	I'm away all of next week for a holiday, but will be back after that.

	Steven Schultz has promised 2.11BSD for the PDP Unix archive, and
I'm also talking with Keith Bostic, as he has some stuff of interest.

	There is also a new PDP-11 simulator; this one runs a.out binaries
directly, and passes the syscalls directly to the native operating system.
You can pick it up at:

If anybody can fix the bugs mentioned in the README, please let me know!

See you all again soon!


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