Disk image file --> RK05

Bob Manners rjm at swift.eng.ox.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 20:19:12 AEST 1995

I posted this query to vmsnet.pdp-11 and alt.sys.pdp11, but following
Warren's complaint that noone was talking on oldunix at minnie I'll ask
you lot too ...

I have on my PC hard disk a couple of rk05 disk images (from Warren's
archive, naturally). Question is, how to get them onto a real rk05
... the real PDP beats the emulator any day after all ...

Naturally someone has workedout how to extract RK05 images to files to
put on the archive site. I'm wondering if anyone has solved the
reverse problem yet ...

I could split up the file into moderate sized pieces (say 250k, RX01
sized bits), boot the PDP (RT11) off RX01 floppy, start kermit and
transfer a file piece from the PC to the other PDP floppy drive. Then
I could mount a fresh RK05 pack, format etc. and run some crafty code
to write the file to the appropriate place on the 'raw' RK05 device.
What do you think?

Another correspondent mentioned that Kermit may be able to write to
"raw" devices directly, allowing me to transfer the file all in one
piece. I'm still waiting for confirmation of that -- seems a little
unlikely to me, but I've been suprised before.

My system is:

	1 x RK05 (2.5Mb removable type, RK05f I think - or is it j?)
	1 x RX01

As you can see, backing store is in short supply ;)

I'd sooner avoid writing too much Macro-11 at present, so if the
problem is already solved, I'd love to know how ...




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