11/34 with RK05 emulation ??

Bob Manners rjm at swift.eng.ox.ac.uk
Fri Nov 17 20:32:24 AEST 1995

My 11/34 is currently down awaiting replacement of an RK05 head which
crashed rather painfully on Monday (the 13th !).

In the meantime, I'm trying to sort out a new UNIX image for it, using
an emulator on the PC. I have an 11/73 emulator for UNIX (Linux) with
RK05s, and an 11/34 emulator (E11) for DOS, which looks great, but
doesn't support RK05 yet. 

The 11/73 emulator runs the v5 and v6 images nicely. The question is,
will these images run on a *real* 11/34 without a floating point
board? The /73 and /34 MMUs are significantly different I believe.

Looking at the v6 docs, the system is claimed to run on the 11/40, /45
and /70, but the /34 was yet to be created at that time, so there is
no information about that!

I'd be very grateful of someone could either tell me of a /34 emulator
with RK05 image support, or confirm if v5/v6/v7 UNIX will run on:


	no floating point
	no sep I+D (I guess)




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