mknod device numbers

Bob Manners rjm at
Wed Nov 29 20:44:32 AEST 1995

First off, thanks to all the people who gave me info for the rk? and
rrk? devices. That now works. I now come to the question of tty

On v5 and v6, the single terminal device which is set up is /dev/tty8
(c 0 0). This suggests to me that the system is build with a DZ11 (or
similar) as tty0 to tty7. Am I correct in this assumption? 

My system has a pair of DL11s, and one of them works happily as
tty8. I'd like to get the second interface up and running. I also have
a DZ11, if that is any help. (The second DL11 is set up at present and
works with RT11 using the CONSOL.MAC mechanism to switch ttys. I can't
remember the CSR/VEC, but it is the RT11 default for a second DL11).

Question is:

o  What is the device numbering (major/minor) for a second DL11? (and
   what CSR/VEC should it have?)? Or need I rebuild the system for
   support of a second DL11?

o  Second, is the DZ11 supported by default, and, if so, what CSR/VEC
   should I set, and what are the device major and minor numbers?

Cheers once again,



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