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Danny R. Brown sysyphus at
Wed Nov 22 16:06:51 AEST 1995

Woe is me.
I have been trying to resurrect Unix (BSD) on my venerable PDP-11/73.
It had an RL02, which has gone west.
It is running RT-11/TSX off an RD-54, and I would much like to run
BSD2.11 instead, for several reasons.
Now, I have several components of 2.11, and I'm trying to build a
bootable TK50 tape to install from. The problem is that I cannot
seem to assemble the tape files onto the tape using RT-11. It has
no 'dd' facility. At least, I thought it did, but every left-handed
syntax variation I have tried has resulted in "You can't do that"
-type errors, so I have given up.
This is really a simple problem. I would steal another RL02 if I could
build the tape from BSD2.9, but it doesn't support MSCP. So what I
need is either:
1. Someone who knows the secret to doing an addressable variable-
block-length transfer to a TMSCP device with RT-11; or
2. A bootable RL02 image of 2.11, wwhich would be a feat; or
3.A bootable RD5X image of same; or
4.A TK50, preferably the distribution tape.
(Yes, I put eggs in my beer).

All leads appreciated. I *do* have surplus Q-bus hardware (except
for RL02 drives).
BTW- how do I subscribe to this mailing list?
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