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Steven M. Schultz sms at
Wed Nov 22 17:04:20 AEST 1995

Danny -

> From: "Danny R. Brown" <sysyphus at>
> Now, I have several components of 2.11, and I'm trying to build a
> bootable TK50 tape to install from. The problem is that I cannot

	Hmmm - does RT-11 have the ability/utilities to write 512 byte
	records "bits as is" to tape?  No labeling, no nothing.

> seem to assemble the tape files onto the tape using RT-11. It has
> no 'dd' facility. At least, I thought it did, but every left-handed
> syntax variation I have tried has resulted in "You can't do that"

	Can you, using RT-11 do the equivalent of:

		cat mtboot mtboot boot > file
		dd if=file of=tapedrive bs=512

	Basically what you want to do is have two copies of the tapeboot
	block followed immediately by the boot program written to tape
	using 512 byte records.  Perhaps catenating the data together into
	1 temp file first would help and then write that file out all at
	one time.

	Once you have that data on tape you have a bootable TK50.  The
	other images (mkfs, restor, etc) can be put on separate tapes if
	need be and loaded one at a time.

	That will require some interpolation of the setup/installation
	documents but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

> This is really a simple problem. I would steal another RL02 if I could
> build the tape from BSD2.9, but it doesn't support MSCP. So what I

	Or TMSCP ;-(

> 4.A TK50, preferably the distribution tape.
> (Yes, I put eggs in my beer).

	Bletch (to eggs in beer) ;-)

	TK50 tapes are excrutiatingly (sp) time consuming to write - I'm not
	sure where the problem is (other than the TK50 being about as smart
	and fast as a rock).  Reading them isn't too bad, but to write a full
	2.11 kit on TK50 took around 7 hours the last time I did it on a 11/73.

> BTW- how do I subscribe to this mailing list?

	Drop a line to Warren Toomey (wkt at

	Cheers and good luck.


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