PDP Unix - how to load?

Warren Toomey wkt at csadfa.cs.adfa.oz.au
Fri Aug 23 13:54:15 AEST 1996

In atricle by Danny R. Brown:
> 3.If Keith has not yet found a way to transfer files I have a set of
> PD tape utilities which work quite well. As I recall I installed
> TSXTCP (from shop.pdp.kent.edu) and FTP'd the files from my PC to my
> 11/73, built the tapes with the aforementioned utilities (TK-50, but
> I believe most any style will do), booted up and installed everything
> in about three days.
> I'm sure that I posted a pointer to the ftp site for the tape utils
> on this sig, or maybe e-mailed them to someone who requested. I'm
> still not home much but drop me a line and I'll dig out the notes,
> names, and etc., in the next few days...
> cheers!

Danny, I just looked thru the archive and, no, you didn't post any
detais. So, would you drop a line with the info when you get back.

Thanks again!


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