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Subject: Simulator 2.2d release with demonstration software
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 19:56:40 -0500

This notice is being posted today in relevant Usenet conferences. 
Thanks for your help in reaching a major milestone!

Computer History Simulators V2.2d: Release Notes

V2.2d is a major release of the simulators for the Computer History 
project.  It includes simulators for:

	- Data General Nova
	- Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8
	- Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11
	- Digital Equipment Corporation 18b PDP's
	  (PDP-4, PDP-7, PDP-9, PDP-15)
	- IBM 1401

These simulators are freeware.  They are intended for personal or 
educational use and are provided on an as-is basis.  Support is not 
available, and commercial use is prohibited.  See the documentation 
for debug status for each simulator.

This release also includes demonstration software for the PDP-8, 
PDP-11, and Nova:

	- RDOS V7.5 for the Nova
	- OS/8 for the PDP-8
	- UNIX V5, V6, and V7 for the PDP-11
The demonstration software is provided for personal, non-commercial 
use, under license from its current owners (Data General for RDOS, 
Digital Equipment Corporation for OS/8, and the Santa Cruz Operation 
for UNIX).  Please be sure to read the license agreements before using 
or distributing the demonstration software.  A copy of the appropriate 
license agreement(s) must be included with any copy of the 
demonstration software.  I gratefully acknowledge the generous help 
and support of Data General Corporation, Digital Equipment 
Corporation, and the Santa Cruz Organization in making the 
demonstration software and supporting license agreements available.

The simulator sources and documentation are contained in a compressed 
tar archive on the public FTP server


The simulators have been tested under Digital UNIX, VAX VMS, Alpha 
VMS, and Intel Linux.  A port to Windows 95/Windows NT is underway. 
 Porting to other little-endian UNIX systems is straightforward, but 
porting to big-endian systems is not: data representations are endian 

The demonstration software and licenses are contained in multiple 
compressed tar archives on the public FTP server

	/pub/DEC/sim/software/rdosswre.tar.Z	- RDOS
	/pub/DEC/sim/software/os8swre.tar.Z	- OS/8
	/pub/DEC/sim/software/uv5swre.tar.Z	- UNIX V5
	/pub/DEC/sim/software/uv6swre.tar.Z	- UNIX V6
	/pub/DEC/sim/software/uv7swre.tar.Z	- UNIX V7

(Very) cursory instructions for using the demonstration software are 
included in the simulator documentation.

The simulator project includes many contributions.  For a more 
detailed description of the simulator itself, and the many people who 
helped with it, please see the (forthcoming) December 96 issue of the 
Digital Technical Journal, which has an article on "Restoring Old 
Computers" by Max Burnet and Bob Supnik.

YOU can contribute to the computer history project!  The simulator is 
an open-ended framework, and contributions are welcome, such as:

	- further debuging of the existing simulators
	- additional peripherals for existing simulators
	- new software images for existing simulators
	- new simulators
	- terminal emulation routines for Windows 95/Windows NT
	- ports to other operating environments

Please send your contributions to bob.supnik at

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