Unix onto my new PDP-11

Matthias Bruestle m at mbsks.franken.de
Thu Dec 5 03:17:59 AEST 1996


I have here a PDP-11 which was used in a X-ray-"defractometer".
There was no Boot-disks or documentation.

	3HE-19"-case (with a label VAXstation 3200) with an on/off-switch
		and 6 buttons.
	3,5"-HDD (probably ST-506-type)
		Fujitsu   Model M2227D2
		Type B03B-4815-B104A#B
	On the side to the disk/floppy there are unused connectors:
		Fixed Disk 0 (2 con.)
		Fixed Disk 1 (2 con.)
		Removable Disk 1&2 (1 con.)
	It has 3 modules:
		quad-size from Mentec with 4 connectors (serial ports)
		quad-size from MDB with 4 unused connectors
		dual-size from Dilog (connected to disk and floppy)

	It is installed RT-11FB V5.04D.
	The output from resorc/a is:

RT-11FB (S) V05.04 D
Booted from DU0:RT11FB

USR   is set SWAP
EXIT  is set SWAP
KMON  is set NOIND
TT    is set QUIET
SL    is set OFF
EDIT  is set EDIT
KMON nesting depth is 3

PDP 11/73A Processor
512KB of memory
Floating Point Microcode
Extended Instruction Set (EIS)
Memory Management Unit
Cache Memory
50 Cycle System Clock                  

Memory parity support
FPU support

Device    Status          CSR     Vector(s)
------    ------          ---     ---------
  SL      Installed      000000   000
  FW      Not installed  177170   264
  LD      131520         000000   000
  DY      Not installed  177170   264
  VM      132472         177572   250
  SP      Installed      000000   110
  XL      Installed      176500   300 304
  DL      Not installed  174400   160
  DU      Resident       172150   154
  LS      Installed      176510   310 314
  NL      Installed      000000   000

TT  (Resident) = LP 
DU  (Resident) 
    DU0 = SY 
MQ  (Resident) 
LD  (Loaded) 
    LD0 = DK 
VM  (Loaded) 
5 free slots

Job  Name  Console Level State    Low    High  Impure
---  ----  ------- ----- -----    ---    ----  ------
 0   RESORC   0      0   Run     000000 131510 134576

No multi-terminal support

Address   Module    Words
-------   ------    -----
160000    IOPAGE     4096.       
155636    DU          561.       
133220    RMON       4743.       
132464    VM          174.       
131512    LD          245.       
001000    ..BG..    22693.       

LD0 is  DU0:USER.DSK[50068.]  = DK 
LD4 is  DU0:USER.DSK[50068.]  
LD7 is  DU0:PW.DSK[3000.]  

I got somehow a M70>-Prompt (after a @-Prompt) and booted it with DU<Return>.

Can I make somehow a bootable floppy-backup?
Is it supported by V7 or another UNIX?
How big is the harddisk?
What device/size is the floppy? DK? 
Is it possible to read/write these floppies with a PC?
Is it possible to make UNIX-boot/install-floppies with an emulator
and install with the UNIX on this PDP-11?
What did I forget to ask?


endergone Zwiebeltuete

insanity inside

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