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Robert Armstrong rarmstro at telesensory.com
Tue Dec 10 09:40:01 AEST 1996

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Date: 1996-12-09 15:36
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  I have a Micro-PDP 11/73 running 2_11BSD now, and a running 11/23+   
system that I'd like to find a Unix for (currently it's running RT).  The   
11/23 lacks I&D space and therefore is unable to run 2_11BSD, and also   
it's severely handicapped because its largest disk a RL02.

  I also have a several other DEC non-Unix systems including a 11/730, a   
PDP-8/A, and too many VAXstation-2000s and 3100s to count.  All run   
perfectly except the -8, which is my current project.

  I have a some UNIBUS and QBUS spares, and even a few OMNIBUS parts, and   
I'm always willing to trade with other collectors.

  I'm afraid I know very little about Unix, but I do have some experience   
with DEC hardware and would be happy to try and help out in this area.

  Please do not reply to this account - my home email address is

 bob at poco-adagio.santa-clara.ca.us

Bob Armstrong  

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