UNIX for 11/23

Bob Manners rjm at swift.eng.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 20 20:16:10 AEST 1996

Having met with storming success (thanks Warren) in getting UNIX v6
and v7 up and running on my 11/34, and having recently (well
yesterday) acquired an 11/23+, I'd like to put UNIX on the latter.

Now, the 11/23 has 128Kw, a 10Mb RD51 winchester and an RX50 floppy. I
need to get hold of a version of UNIX (pref. v7) The UNIX in question
obviously needs to support the RD51. 

In the case of the 11/34 I built a UNIX image under a PDP-11 emulator
and KERMITed it to the 11/34. I plan to do the same in this case ...

Any suggestions welcome. Does v7 support RD series drives? If not,
what does?



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