UNIX for 11/23

Steven M. Schultz sms at wlv.iipo.gtegsc.com
Thu Mar 21 08:39:32 AEST 1996

Hi -

> From: wkt at dolphin.cs.adfa.oz.au (Warren Toomey)
> In article by Bob Manners:
> > 
> > Does v7 support RD series drives? If not, what does?
> v7 doesn't support RDs (just looked thru the archive), and I don't know
> of anything that does. You'd probably have to write your own device driver :-(
> 	Warren

	Warren's correct.  MSCP support did not enter the 'BSD' picture until
	late 2.9BSD or early 2.10BSD.  TMSCP support for tapes didn't come
	about until early 2.11BSD when I "borrowed" the driver from 4.3BSD
	(who had earlier borrowed it from Ultrix).

	It should be noted that the MSCP (and to a greater degree TMSCP)
	is a *pig* - it's the largest driver in the system, rivaling the
	TTY subsystem sizewise.

	An 11/23 is already extremely cramped for address space even using
	simpler/smaller drivers such as the RK, RL, etc.  I seriously doubt
	the MSCP driver could be smashed in to a 11/23 kernel and leave room
	for too much else.  

	Steven Schultz
	sms at wlv.iipo.gtegsc.com

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