UNIX for my 11/34A

Matthias Bruestle m at mbsks.franken.de
Wed Sep 11 09:49:05 AEST 1996


My name is Matthias Bruestle and I'm new on this mailing list.
I'm collecting old computers and have until now 34.

I have a 11/34A with 128kB RAM, DL11-W and 2 RL01. I want to
install UNIX on her. Because there are no RL01 disk images
which I can use directly, I want to prepare one with a
PDP-11 emulator. I got V6 to boot with the Supnik emulator,
but noticed than that V6 has no support for RL01 drives.
Does someone have RL01 drivers for V6 or must I use V7?

The last step would be to download the image over the serial
line. Is there allready a programm for RT-11SJ V4.00
which does this?

Thanks for your help

endergone Zwiebeltuete

insanity inside

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