UNIX for my 11/34A

Warren Toomey wkt at csadfa.cs.adfa.oz.au
Wed Sep 11 11:21:29 AEST 1996

In atricle by Matthias Bruestle:
> Does someone have RL01 drivers for V6 or must I use V7?

Matthias, I'm pretty sure that the v6 RL driver supports RL01s and RL02s,
the only difference is number of sectors on the RL01.

If you have an RL02 disk image mounted on /dev/rl0, and an empty
RL01-sized disk image mounted on /dev/rl1, you should be able to

	$ mkfs /dev/rl1 <size of RL01 in 512-byte blocks>
	$ mount /dev/rl1 /mnt

You can then copy over the root files from /dev/rl0 to /dev/rl1 with tar.

One thing to note, the RL02 kernel comes with swap at the end of the
RL02. You will need to rebuild a kernel so that the location and size of the
swap will fit onto a RL01 and still leave some file space. In fact, you must
remember to subtract the swap space size when you do the mkfs.

Best to do this on the emulator and get the RL01 image ready before
moving it to the /34. I also forgot to mention that you need to install
the bootstrap code onto the RL01 image. Check the mkfs man page for details.

> The last step would be to download the image over the serial
> line. Is there already a programm for RT-11SJ V4.00
> which does this?

Someone did say they have a program to do this. You might want to look
back through the mail archives on the PUPS web page.


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