UNIX for my 11/34A

Matthias Bruestle m at mbsks.franken.de
Thu Sep 12 03:38:42 AEST 1996


> 	V7 _initially_ did *not* have RL02 support.  When we got our first V7
> 	tape in 1979 a RL02 driver was written locally in ~79 or 80.  So 
> 	unless someone added the RL0? support to V7 and submitted the updated
> 	images to the archives it's doubtful RL devices can be used with V7.
The V7 are RL02 images and include the RL drivers.

> > One thing to note, the RL02 kernel comes with swap at the end of the
> > RL02. You will need to rebuild a kernel so that the location and size of the
> 	Quite right.  The 'swaplo' global must agree with the partition table
> 	wired into the driver or the system will end up swapping over top of
> 	the root filesystem.  *ick* ;)

root rl 0
swap rl 0
swplo 9000
nswap 1240

I assume that means that the filesystem ist 9000 block long and the
swap 1240 blocks. (-> mkfs /dev/rl1 9000)

Until now I have the RL02 cleaned up, so it fits on a RL01, and
made a filesystem on the RL01. Now I'm fighting with the emu.

endergone Zwiebeltuete

insanity inside

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