Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Mon Aug 11 13:53:16 AEST 1997

Warren, Mark -

> In article by Mark D. Roth:
> > I have a PDP-11/03-L at home that I rescued from Bell+Howell Corp and
> > know next to nothing about.  I'm looking for any info I might be able
> I don't think you'll get Unix running on an /03, I just searched thru the

	Quite correct.

> paper archives here and I've seen references to /23's, /34's, 40's on up,
> but not for /03's. I'd suspect that the /03 doesn't have the memory management
> (nor the memory) to get Unix running.

	Warren - you're absolutely right.  The 11/03 has a maximum memory
	(most were not fully populated) of 56kbytes and _no_ memory
	management.  Any Unix (since the initial one on the PDP-7) requires
	at least two memory management states: kernel and user.  Much later
	versions can take advantage of the 3rd mode (supervisor).

	Smallest machine I ever ran Unix on was an 11/23 (the development
	was done on a 11/70 because various programs were too large to run
	on a non split I/D machine such as the 11/23) and it was, shall we 
	say, "interesting".  Just enough memory (max of 248kb) to run one or 
	two user processes at a time (we had a rather large kernel and some
	homebrew communications drivers) - you could get logged in and then 
	each time you typed a command the shell would get swapped out to run 
	your command ;).

> Mark, I'll add you to the list, and bounce this there as well; someone
> with more knowledge of -11 hardware should be able to set us both straight
> with regards to 11/03's.

	You got it right - nothing to set straight.  

	Steven Schultz

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