PDP-11: Disk over Serial proposal

Tim Shoppa shoppa at alph02.triumf.ca
Sun Dec 7 15:17:23 AEST 1997

> How complex is the tu58 protocol? I wanted something that we could
> hand-toggle the boot code, if necessary.

Many (most) Q-bus processors have TU58 bootstraps in firmware.
Certainly all 11/73B, 11/83, 11/93, 11/84, and 11/94 have the

Later Unibus processors (11/24, 11/44) often had TU58 bootstrap
PROMs to boot diagnostics from TU58.

The TU58 drivers aren't as simple as RK05 drivers (is anything as
simple as a RK05 driver?) but they are comparable with, say, 
RL01/02 and RX02 drivers.

One thing we don't want people doing is thinking that the TU58
protocol can be used as a poor man's system disk.  Yes, it is
flexible enough to be used as such, but it would be cruel to
allow anyone to do that to themselves :-)

Tim. (shoppa at triumf.ca)

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