PDP-11: Disk over Serial proposal

Pete Turnbull <pnt103@cs.york.ac.uk> pete at indy.dunnington.york.ac.uk
Mon Dec 8 03:18:36 AEST 1997

On Dec 6, 21:17, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> Many (most) Q-bus processors have TU58 bootstraps in firmware.
> Certainly all 11/73B, 11/83, 11/93, 11/84, and 11/94 have the
> bootstraps.

Are you sure, Tim?  My 11/73 doesn't, and according to my microPDP-11
Maintenance Manual, only the 11/23+ and microPDP-11/23 have TU58 -- the only
tape devices listed for 11/73 and 11/83 are TK25 and TK50 (my manual is too
old to include 11/53 and 11/93).


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