PDP-11: Disk over Serial proposal

Tim Shoppa shoppa at alph02.triumf.ca
Tue Dec 9 09:16:11 AEST 1997

> Ummm....  I'd just like to point out here that if I was intending to put
> PDP-11 Unix to any meaningful use (which *would* be a terrible thing to 
> do to myself) I'd just run an emulator on one of my other computers.  What
> I'm looking for here is a project I can kill some of my weekends on.  I
> was thinking eventually I could wire the /usr/games/chess up to my web
> page so people could "Play a game of chess with the PDP-11!", you know, as
> kind of a freak show act....

Well, if you just want a minimal system that can play simple games
through the console port, you don't need any of the Unices.  RT-11
is perfectly servicable and will boot from floppy or TU58 quite nicely; it's
even possible to have a working TCP/IP implementation on a 11/03
this way.


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