7th Edition on a real PDP-11/23+ (fwd)

Warren Toomey wkt at csadfa.cs.adfa.oz.au
Thu Jan 23 08:01:23 AEST 1997

> 	From: "Bob Armstrong" <bob at poco-adagio.santa-clara.ca.us>
> 	Subject: 7th Edition on a real PDP-11/23+
> 	To: wkt at csadfa.cs.adfa.oz.au
> Warren,
>   I'm not sure if the PUPS members would be interested, but I have   
> successfully been able to run the 7th Edition RL02 image that accompanies   
> Bob Supniks emulator on a real PDP-11/23+.Jim Carpenter (jimc at zach1.tiac.net) 
> deserves a special thanks for helping me work out a few problems in bringing
> it up.  If any other members of the group are interested in doing the same I
> would be happy to help.

Bob, I'm cc'ing this reply to the mailing list so that the others will
get a copy.

>   As I understand the terms of the SCO license, this should be perfectly
> legal so long as it is for non-commerical purposes.  There doesn't seem
> to be anything in the license that limits me to using an emulator.
> Please correct me if you disagree.

As far as I can see, you can do anything with the disk image as long as
it's non-commercial. So I'm sure that it's perfectly legal.
>   Performance is suprisingly good, especially considering that the 11/23+   
> was no speed demon even by old PDP standards.  And it's amazing - the
> whole Unix system fits on a 10Mb pack with about 3.5Mb free!
>   The contents of this disk image seem to be pretty limited, and I'm
> interested in knowing if any of the missing components (e.g. man pages!!)
> are available anywhere.  I'm also interested to know if there are any V7
> kernels available with more devices installed.  I've got a lot of hardware
> on my 11/23, especially a TSV05 but also a RX02 and TU58, that this system
> can't use.
> Bob Armstrong

Bob, firstly if you can write down the details of how you got the
image installed & running on the 23+, and email it to the mailing list
(oldunix at minnie.cs.adfa.oz.au), that'd be great, as I archive the mail.

Secondly, I'm unsure of the copyright/legal status of the man pages.
It would be good if they could be released publically. I might ask Bob
Supnik if he has any ideas.

Finally, many of the members of the PUPS mail list are covered by
source code licenses, so if you can tell us what device you require,
I'm sure someone can build a kernel for you. I wonder if it's legal to
ship a kernel which has device drivers not in Bob Supnik's disk image?!
Hope so!


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