No progress on PDP-11 Unix source licenses, ideas?

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Jun 26 09:54:27 AEST 1997

Dear PDP-11 Unix people,

I'm emailing you because I haven't done much in the last few months about
encouraging SCO to sell source licenses for PDP-11 UNIX, and I think it's
time we try a new tack.

The person I've been negotiating with a SCO is Dion Johnson, dionj at
I pestered him a lot last year and so perhaps I've worn out my welcome with
him. So I'd like to suggest another approach or two.

Perhaps another person interested in PDP-11 UNIX source licenses can try
talking with Dion or other people at SCO? Any volunteers? Steven Schultz?
Bob Supnik? Alternatively, if nobody comes forward, we could all email Dion
expressing our desires for sources licenses for these old UNIX versions.

Looking at the survey I've been conducting at, at least 130 people are interested in
source licenses, and the general consensus is:

	No resale of license is acceptable
	No source redistribution is acceptable
	50/50 split on single-user-only licenses
	No commercial usage is acceptable
	Full source code is preferable

	Main UNIXes to be covered are 5th,6th,7th Edition and 2BSD.
	Cost of license no more than US$200, max.

After reviewing the email from Dion, I'd add another condition which
would make SCO happy:

	Source license adequately protects SCO's intellectual property,
	in their view.

Anyway, please email your suggestions on what we should do to the PUPS
mailing list (oldunix at or to me. I think the single
person approach is better than flooding Dion with email. Maybe we can sign
an email petition and deliver that to a number of people at SCO?

Thanks in advance for your input!

	Warren	wkt at

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