PDP-11 Xenix

David C. Jenner djenner at halcyon.com
Fri Oct 10 13:20:01 AEST 1997

I don't think John has it at ftp.dbit.com.  And I doubt that XENIX is
anywhere on the net.  I don't even know if there was a PDP-11 XENIX. (It
was originally MS, afterall.  They "sold" it to SCO way back, before SCO
collected everything else.)

There is, however, VENIX (no commercial relation to XENIX other than a
common parent) on ftp.update.uu.se.  This version of XENIX is for the
DEC Pro350/380, which is, essentially, a PDP-11.  There was also a VENIX
for "real" PDP-11s.


Allison J Parent wrote:
> <I just received this email from Frank Wortner. Anybody have a copy of PDP-1
> <Xenix?
> <
> <       Warren
> Well yes, sorta.  It's on the net, John Wilson has it on ftp.dbit.com.  The
> however is it's for the PRO350/380 systems.  I don't know if it can be moved
> to more standard PDP-11 configurations.
> Allison
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