UNIX for PDP-11: moving on to media

Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Thu Sep 11 23:45:41 AEST 1997


<assuming I [ have RT-11/ RSX / no operating system ] on the PDP-11 already

This is the tough part as PDP-11s run a wide variety of OSs.  If you have
RT-11 (most common) you likely ok.  But even then it can influence you 
choice of devices.  IE: RTv4 knows nothing of TK50 and RQDXn controllers
and v5.1 does.  This is true for RSTS and RSX too.

The other is how to get it onto the required media.  CDrom is largely PC
hardware.  If the disk is readable using dos/linux it's fairly easy, though 
the right supplied utility can help if not.  PCs with the right hardware and 
software can create RX50 and RX33 media, TU58 has been done, RX01 with more 
effort.  SCSI disk are not common on PDP-11s so that is a low yeild path
though they also can be done.  The PDP-11 world peripheral wise divides 
across what bus you have Q or U and that influences what peripherals you 
likely to have.  

The how of taking one of those binaries and moving to the PDP-11 has eluded 
me for a while.  I have been told it is not possible as they are image files
and if you copy an image of an RL02 to an RL02 you better have then same or 
fewer bad blocks as the image may land on one making it useless.

I have been going through some of these gyrations with netBSD for the VAX
and they have set of problem that would be common to PDP-11.  Check out 
their FAQs on this for hints and solutions.


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