UNIX for PDP-11: moving on to media

Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Fri Sep 12 04:43:46 AEST 1997

<From djenner at halcyon.com  Thu Sep 11 16:01:12 1997

<It will be great to have everything on a CD-ROM, but that probably won't
<help a majority of users bootstrap up a system, since most won't have a
<CD-ROM or maybe even no operating system to start with.  We are going to
<have to find someone(s) who is (are) willing to make up a standard
<distribution tape (9-track or otherwise) or floppies (is that
<possible?).  This could really be the biggest hurdle to getting a system
<running on many machines.

The sysboot certainly can be floppy and the system can be broken down to
multiple floppy volumes for installation.  I may also be possible to use a 
vax to read the CDrom and cut a tape(9track or tk50) from that as well.

This of course is predicated on the cdrom.

The V6 and V7 binaries however already exist and are available, getting 
one of them onto a 11/73 and written out as non-image files would help 


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